Terms and Conditions

The Mood Machine Terms of Service

The terms and policies referenced here, will govern your use of The Mood Machine database. Please check from time to time for updates. Your use of The Mood Machine database means you have accepted The Mood Machine Terms and your continued use of The Mood Machine means you are consenting to any updates. If you do not wish to agree to The Mood Machine Terms, please do not use The Mood Machine database.

Confidentiality and Use of Materials
By accessing this database, you agree to keep all materials confidential. You agree not to disseminate or otherwise provide any material obtained from The Mood Machine to any person not currently an Authorized User as defined under this Agreement. Prohibited dissemination includes, but is not limited to, publishing or posting content to other websites or any listserves. Any non-confidential use must be authorized in writing and in advance to The Mood Machine.

You may use The Mood Machine database and the materials you obtain from it only in connection with your project either as a Client or an Independant Contractor working for The Mood Machine.

You must cease use of The Mood Machine Database, destroy any materials you have already obtained from this website, and immediately notify The Mood Machine at [email protected] if you cease work at The Mood Machine. Former Mood Machine employees who are no longer working for us are not authorized to use this Mood Machine database.

Suspension and Termination

The Mood Machine reserves the right to block or remove members that violate law, third party rights, The Mood Machine Terms or if you are using The Mood Machine to violate or circumvent terms or policies for other Mood Machine products or services. Repeated violations of The Mood Machine Terms, may cause your Mood Machine account to be suspended or your entire Mood Machine account to be terminated, depending on the seriousness of the violation. The Mood Machine may, without notice, remove your Member Page if you are no longer with the company or dormant for an extended period of time.

Authority and Access

Subject to the The Mood Machine Terms, any Mood Machine user may create a Mood Machine, but only users with authority over the subject matter may own and/or manage the Mood Machine. You may not share login credentials for your Page. You and The Mood Machine may authorize users who have authority over the subject matter to act as managers or to become an owner of your Page. Any such user must accept these Additional Terms before becoming a manager or owner. If you transfer ownership of your Mood Machine page you will no longer be able to take certain actions on the Page (for example, deleting a Page). Please contact The Mood Machine at [email protected] for additional information on multiple managers, multiple owners and transferring ownership of your Mood Machine Page.


Text, images, or other content posted at The Mood Machine must comply with the The Mood Machine User Content and Conduct Policy, which are incorporated into The Mood Machine Terms.

User Pages

If you create, own or manage a Mood Machine in the Members category you must agree to the above terms.