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Brands and Startups can create products on our platform with ease.

Send and Requests BOMs, Techpacks & Orders

We have the right forms and tracking software you need to send to the right people!


We Provide Creative Direction, Product Design, Web, Film & Music.


Source Materials, Vendors, Factories, Products, at your fingertips.

Schedule Orders

Schedule and track your orders with our integrated system. Coming soon!


Securely buy and sell with standard currency, or bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies  on blockchain (coming soon)!

Chat with us!

Chat and video call on our blockchain platform. Coming soon!


Investors can find up and coming talent to invest in. Brands can crowdfund or find Investors to help their business grow


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Available by Appointment only:
527 West 7th St., 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Mailing Address:
Please contact us for mailing address.

It doesn’t matter where you are based! We can help you worldwide with our global team of talent and that’s something to smile about!

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